New Pattern – Snake River Poncho

The Snake River Poncho was released this week, and I’ve been so happy with the reception it’s been getting, both in person and on Ravelry.  Until the end of day on this Friday, it and all my other patterns/ebooks are 20% off on Ravelry!

IMG_4649 (4)

I began this on the airplane to Stitches West, when we were stuck on the runway for about 2.5 hours, waiting for the hail/sleet/snow to stop.  Knitting can be such a sanity saver at those times!

I didn’t start with this inspiration, but I wasn’t too far into the project before I realized what it symbolized to me.  I grew up in an agricultural community in Southeastern Idaho, where my family ranched and farmed.  My first job was driving tractors…when I was about EIGHT, haha.  My dad still hasn’t forgiven me for running over his rod weeder, but again, EIGHT.  Looking at the poncho, I see the winding, twisting path of the Snake River, cutting through the orderly fields of wheat and spuds (proper terminology), with lines of sprinkler pipe spreading out as far as the eye can see.  I can’t say I miss the tractors, but the smell of sagebrush and WD-40 bring it all back to me.

For a cable-lover like myself, this was such fun to knit.  There’s plenty of mindless knitting in the slightly textured center section, with some deceptively easy cabling on the edges.  (I swoon over the large, pretzel-y cable across the bottom edge!)  Once the entire rectangle is completed, you just sew a simple shoulder seam.

This is the size Average (Petite and Tall are also available), and I’ve honestly seen it look great on women from 5’1″ to 5’10”.  The shape is very versatile and can be draped and arranged in a variety of ways.

IMG_4622 (5)

I wholeheartedly recommend the yarn I used, a new base from Marianated Yarns called Harley Fingering.  It’s a blend of superwash merino, kid mohair, and nylon that blooms beautifully AND has a gorgeous drape.  It was perfect for this project and I’m already dreaming up ways of using it again.

I’ll be hosting a Snake River Poncho KAL starting in May, to give you time to place your Harley order – feel free to join in!  And if you happen to be in NJ, the poncho will be at Chelsea Yarns for the next few days during the NJ Wool Walk.

Tips for ordering Harley:

First, go to Tonal Colorways to check out colors (don’t miss the second page). You really do want a solid, tonal or kettle-dyed yarn — anything too variegated will obscure the pattern. Click on a color, and there will be a drop-down menu where you can choose “Harley Fingering” as your base (it’s $27 a skein for 438 yards, and my sample in size Average took 3.5 skeins).

Some colorways from her Gradient Sets aren’t listed individually yet, but if you see one you like, click the little envelope link at the top of the page to contact her and place an order.  For the next few weeks, Marian will gift you the pattern with your purchase of three or more skeins! 

As always, I am available to weigh in on choosing a size or anything else!

New Collection!

I’m so excited to release the Mullioned Collection today!

Mullioned Collage

It contains the Mullioned Scarf, Mullioned Cowl, and Mullioned Hat — sense a theme? — all knit in The Plucky Knitter’s Scholar 2.0, a wool/cashmere blend.  Super cozy, super warm.  The lofty, woolen-spun yarn keeps the scarf from becoming too heavy, because trust me, it is a Big ‘Ol Scarf (just the kind I like).

I showed these to my knitting guild last week and the first question people had was, “Where are the mittens?”.  Um…there are no mittens.  But I hope you enjoy these.  😉

Oddly enough, I was working on the first project — the scarf — when I embarked on a Doctor Who marathon.  (I was thwarted by Netflix in Season 6, though, when they removed it from streaming.  Boo.)  It wasn’t part of my initial inspiration AT ALL, but my husband pointed out that the stitch pattern was, in fact, somewhat Who-adjacent (little police box windows!).  If  you switched up the background colors a la Tom Baker or used solely a Tardis-blue, the homage is even more apparent.

Thanks to my teen photographer — “Mom, are we going to get tetanus from being here?” — for braving our dilapidated backdrop in the service of great pictures!

These patterns and all my others are 20% off — no code needed — until the end of day on 3/16!

Stitches West Ahoy!


I’m heading off to Stitches West tomorrow — woohoo!  Stitches is always an AMAZING time, and I’ve got a reason to be especially excited this year.  Several of my design samples will be at the shared booth of Little Skein in the Big Wool and Western Sky Knits throughout the show!


I’ll also be at the booth (#835/837) in person on Friday the 19th, 3 p.m., for an “Emerging Designer” spotlight.  I’ll answer questions about my designs and help choose yarns for projects.  I’ll also have a new pattern to share in WSK yarn.  Stop by and say hello!



Aubrey Mittens!

I released a new pattern yesterday, the final pattern of The Virescent Collection.  As someone who is not naturally very organized, or self-motivated, or driven (I could go on here…), I’m still a little boggled that I saw the whole project through to completion!  It may be some time before I want to tackle a 9-piece collection again, though.  😉

Here are the Aubrey Mittens:

IMG_3752 (4)

They’re knit in one skein of Anzula’s For Better or Worsted yarn, colorway Juniper.

My teenage daughter filled in as shutterbug here — it’s been really fun to see her find a creative passion (photography), and we managed to get through the whole shoot without squabbling!

The mittens pattern and the entire collection are 25% off until midnight tonight (MST).


Birthday Sale!

I’m having a birthday this weekend!  White hairs aside, I really don’t mind getting older, and I’m enjoying my 40s.

To celebrate, I’m having a Flash Sale — all of my patterns are Buy One, Get One FREE until the end of day on Sunday, 1/31 (MST time).

There have been some new additions since I last posted, so take a look!  🙂

Birthday Promo Collage.jpg

Help, please? New (and potentially FREE) pattern, too!

So, my lovely and amazing sister Emily is a talented seamstress, and she was chosen as a finalist in a Pattern Anthology sewing competition. I’m so proud of her!! The prize is a $2,500 Baby Lock serger.


The winner will be determined on a basis of 75% judges scores and 25% online voting.  Could I ask you to please vote for “Emily’s Adora”?  (Be sure to hit the “Vote” button after you choose her piece.)  It will just take a few seconds.  The winner will be announced on Dec. 7.

Emily takes the pictures for my knitting patterns, and she is so generous with her talents and time (even if she thinks it’s funny to take snaps when I’m making weird contortions with my face):


For the knitters, you may recognize this as the bridge where my Emmeline Wrap, Pollina Cowl and Patrizia Cowl patterns were shown.

And speaking of the Patrizia Cowl — hey, I released it this week!  Instructions are given for both one and two 100g skeins of worsted.  And if you’re doing the Indie GAL, the one-skein version (above – ignore the goofy face) would make a quick and pretty gift knit!

But how about this:  EVERY PERSON WHO VOTES FOR MY SIS, AND LEAVES A COMMENT HERE TELLING ME THEY DID SO, WILL RECEIVE A FREE COPY OF THE  PATRIZIA COWL PATTERN.  (Be sure to let me know your Ravelry name or email.)  Offer good until end of day on Sunday, December 6.

Now for better Patrizia shots:



More GAL Picks!

Don’t forget — the Indie Gift-A-Long sale period ends on Friday night (EST)!

I’ve been taking advantage of the sale to pick up pattern which have long been in my queue.  Here are three recent purchases:

First up, Puaka Shawlette, by Francoise Danoy:


Delicate texture!  Pretty lace!  Love it.

Secondly, Sidetracked Cable, by Kelene Kinnersly:


I can never have enough fingerless mitss, and in DK, they would be such a quick knit!

Lastly, Picabeau, by Jennifer Dassau:


My LYS has an adorable sample made up of this in a self-striping yarn, and I want one for myself!  🙂  Haha, Ravelry told me that I had 12 other patterns of Jennifer’s in my queue, so obviously I’m a fan of her work.

Happy Knitting, all!

New Pattern: Kacia Shawl!

I’m very excited to announce the 7th pattern of my Virescent Collection, the Kacia Shawl:

It’s knit in one skein of Marianated Yarn’s Scrumptious, a fingering weight MCN blend.  The way Marian layers her dye on the yarn is so pretty!  This colorway is Poseidon’s Jade.  It’s more of a spring green in person, but the camera didn’t want to see it that way.

The shawl has a cabled central panel, with garter stitch on either side.  Once you’re familiar with the cables, the pattern just flies by.

Kacia and the full Virescent Collection are 25% off (no code needed) until the end of day on Friday, Nov. 26! Most all of my other patterns are also 25% off during this same period with (code “giftalong 2015”), as part of the Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2015.

The first TWO commentors will receive a free copy of the Kacia Shawl!

Indie Gift-A-Long, Pinterest Style!

If you’d like to see “at a glance” which patterns are available in the Indie Design GAL, some intrepid Ravelers have pinned the OVER 5,000 PATTERNS on Pinterest.  Whoa!

By category, we have:

Hats & Heads

Cowls, Scarves, & Neck

Shawls & Stoles

Sweaters & Other Garments

Feet & Legs

Baby & Kid

Hand & Arm


Toys, Home & Misc.

Remember, these patterns are all 25% through next Friday with code giftalong2015.  🙂

I just picked up my first GAL pattern — Nina Machlin Dayton’s Runcible Hat:


Great man hat!  Classic enough for my husband, but still interesting for me to knit (plus, how great does it look in a tonally-dyed yarn??).

Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2015 kicks off today!

The Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2015 kicks off tonight on Ravelry!  At 8 p.m. EST, over 5000 patterns from 335 participating designers will be offered at 25% off with code giftalong2015.  The discount will go through Friday, November 27, 2015 at 11:59 pm US EST, but then the KALs/CALs and prizes will be happening through the end of December.  I’ve had a glimpse of some of the prizes, and there is some NICE STUFF!!  Additionally, the designers have given multiple free patterns codes which will be given out too.  So, if you were going to be knitting gifts anyway, you might as well join in and possibly win stuff!

*One important thing to note — while each designer had to choose 5-20 patterns for the discount, ALL patterns from participating designers are eligible for the KALs/CALs, and this does include patterns you might already own.

For the stats geeks, there’s a fun breakdown on the GAL here.  Looks like I’m the sole designer representing Utah!

Here are the 12 patterns which I’m offering for the discount period:

GAL Collage

It sometimes feels like it takes me FOREVER to see a design to completion, but looking at this, I feel rather proud of my output in 2015!

In the days ahead I’ll be talking about the GAL more, both giving some “Behind the Scenes” peeks at my own designs, and featuring other patterns and designers that I like.

Thank you for supporting indie designers!