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Adriatic Detail

My lovely sister takes my pattern photos for me (Hi, E!!!), and she does SUCH a fantastic job.  (So much better than a coerced tween with my iPhone.)  I repay her with fabric and lunches.

I thought this shot of my upcoming Adriatic Stole looked cool, and then I realized…I hadn’t laid out the stole in the direction of the knitting.  (My bad!)


So while the detail shot looks pretty, the “knotted rows” look a little different than they will while someone’s WIP is in their hands.  Luckily, my sister is willing take more pics!  We actually tried to the other night, but then thunder and rain showed up before we’d left our homes.  I know this project has an “aquatic” theme going on, but I didn’t want to be that literal with it…

I hope to release the Adriatic Stole later this week — keep your eyes out for a pattern giveaway!

Another sneak peek…

I’m an incurably impatient person.  For example, if I am given a gift card for a celebratory occasion, I say “thank you” and make a beeline to the computer to spend it.  This amuses my husband, who spends his gift cards the next year.

So needless to say, it’s been challenging to sit on all these patterns over the summer!  But let’s be honest, knitter’s really aren’t thinking of patterns in worsted weight wool during the blazing temps of July.  So, you can imagine my excitement as I’m nearing the release date for what I’m calling “The Virescent Collection, Vol. 1″.

Here’s a cowl to match the hat in the last post:


What I Did on My Summer Vacation…

Most of my summer design efforts revolved around a coordinating accessories collection.  I first had six pieces in mind — somehow it morphed into nine?  The first five will be released in September as Vol. 1 of the collection…here’s a sneak peek at one, the Shelby Hat:



*waves shyly*

Hello, there!  While I am an avid knitting blog reader, I haven’t maintained my own blog for years and years.  To my friends’ dismay, I don’t even post on my FB page!  But I have some fun projects in the works with my knitting designs, so I’m peering out of my hermit hole to share some sneek peeks and such.

Here’s a pic of the pattern that I spent this morning pounding away at:

IMG_3069 (2)

Gorgeous yarn, right???  It’s a lovely MCN gradient set from Marianated Yarns.  The base, Scrumptious HT, is one of my very favorite fingering weights…it’s so lovely to knit, and it drapes like a dream.  Aiming to publish it next week!  (If you happen to be in NJ, Marian will have the gradient sets at NJ Sheep and Fiber Festival on Sept. 12-13.)