New Collection!

I’m so excited to release the Mullioned Collection today!

Mullioned Collage

It contains the Mullioned Scarf, Mullioned Cowl, and Mullioned Hat — sense a theme? — all knit in The Plucky Knitter’s Scholar 2.0, a wool/cashmere blend.  Super cozy, super warm.  The lofty, woolen-spun yarn keeps the scarf from becoming too heavy, because trust me, it is a Big ‘Ol Scarf (just the kind I like).

I showed these to my knitting guild last week and the first question people had was, “Where are the mittens?”.  Um…there are no mittens.  But I hope you enjoy these.  😉

Oddly enough, I was working on the first project — the scarf — when I embarked on a Doctor Who marathon.  (I was thwarted by Netflix in Season 6, though, when they removed it from streaming.  Boo.)  It wasn’t part of my initial inspiration AT ALL, but my husband pointed out that the stitch pattern was, in fact, somewhat Who-adjacent (little police box windows!).  If  you switched up the background colors a la Tom Baker or used solely a Tardis-blue, the homage is even more apparent.

Thanks to my teen photographer — “Mom, are we going to get tetanus from being here?” — for braving our dilapidated backdrop in the service of great pictures!

These patterns and all my others are 20% off — no code needed — until the end of day on 3/16!


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