New Pattern – Snake River Poncho

The Snake River Poncho was released this week, and I’ve been so happy with the reception it’s been getting, both in person and on Ravelry.  Until the end of day on this Friday, it and all my other patterns/ebooks are 20% off on Ravelry!

IMG_4649 (4)

I began this on the airplane to Stitches West, when we were stuck on the runway for about 2.5 hours, waiting for the hail/sleet/snow to stop.  Knitting can be such a sanity saver at those times!

I didn’t start with this inspiration, but I wasn’t too far into the project before I realized what it symbolized to me.  I grew up in an agricultural community in Southeastern Idaho, where my family ranched and farmed.  My first job was driving tractors…when I was about EIGHT, haha.  My dad still hasn’t forgiven me for running over his rod weeder, but again, EIGHT.  Looking at the poncho, I see the winding, twisting path of the Snake River, cutting through the orderly fields of wheat and spuds (proper terminology), with lines of sprinkler pipe spreading out as far as the eye can see.  I can’t say I miss the tractors, but the smell of sagebrush and WD-40 bring it all back to me.

For a cable-lover like myself, this was such fun to knit.  There’s plenty of mindless knitting in the slightly textured center section, with some deceptively easy cabling on the edges.  (I swoon over the large, pretzel-y cable across the bottom edge!)  Once the entire rectangle is completed, you just sew a simple shoulder seam.

This is the size Average (Petite and Tall are also available), and I’ve honestly seen it look great on women from 5’1″ to 5’10”.  The shape is very versatile and can be draped and arranged in a variety of ways.

IMG_4622 (5)

I wholeheartedly recommend the yarn I used, a new base from Marianated Yarns called Harley Fingering.  It’s a blend of superwash merino, kid mohair, and nylon that blooms beautifully AND has a gorgeous drape.  It was perfect for this project and I’m already dreaming up ways of using it again.

I’ll be hosting a Snake River Poncho KAL starting in May, to give you time to place your Harley order – feel free to join in!  And if you happen to be in NJ, the poncho will be at Chelsea Yarns for the next few days during the NJ Wool Walk.

Tips for ordering Harley:

First, go to Tonal Colorways to check out colors (don’t miss the second page). You really do want a solid, tonal or kettle-dyed yarn — anything too variegated will obscure the pattern. Click on a color, and there will be a drop-down menu where you can choose “Harley Fingering” as your base (it’s $27 a skein for 438 yards, and my sample in size Average took 3.5 skeins).

Some colorways from her Gradient Sets aren’t listed individually yet, but if you see one you like, click the little envelope link at the top of the page to contact her and place an order.  For the next few weeks, Marian will gift you the pattern with your purchase of three or more skeins! 

As always, I am available to weigh in on choosing a size or anything else!

4 thoughts on “New Pattern – Snake River Poncho

  1. How lovely! Love the inspiration, too and eagerly await your KAL 🙂


  2. Sorahart says:

    I love the back story of how you were inspired by this poncho, because that’s my story too! Lovely work as usual.


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