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Kelland Wrap – Carrying Yarn up the Side

I’m bringing my long-neglected blog out of retirement in order to share a tutorial for carrying yarns up the side.  As with any multi-colored project, Kelland Wrap does have a number of yarn ends which will have to be woven in later.  And when you’re working the larger lace sections, it may just be easier for you to cut the Main Color yarn.  However, in places where colors are quickly switching, you can SIGNIFICANTLY minimize the number of yarn ends by using this technique.

(Some backstory — a friend introduced me to this technique, which she’d learned from a Melanie Berg pattern.  I messaged Melanie to ask permission to reference it, and she quickly replied that it was something she had stumbled across online, years ago.  So, I don’t know it’s proper origins, but it’s pretty nifty!)

If you do this carefully, your carried yarn will be almost unnoticeable along the right edge.  You want the carries to be tight enough to not be noticeable, but still loose enough that they can stretch out when the piece is blocked:

IMG_0897 (2)

Step 1 – Slip the 1st st of a RS row purl-wise, wyib (with yarn in back).


Step 2 – Bring the yarn to be carried to the front, between the 1st and 2nd sts.


Step 3 – Place the 1st st back on the LH needle.


Step 4 – Bring the yarn to be carried over the garter bump (of the row below) and to the back of the work.


Step 5 – You don’t want the carried yarn to be visible, so hold it down in back while you use the working yarn to knit the 1st st. Work the remainder of the row.



Here’s a look on the WS:


Hope this helps!  Cheers,  Katy