Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2015 kicks off today!

The Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2015 kicks off tonight on Ravelry!  At 8 p.m. EST, over 5000 patterns from 335 participating designers will be offered at 25% off with code giftalong2015.  The discount will go through Friday, November 27, 2015 at 11:59 pm US EST, but then the KALs/CALs and prizes will be happening through the end of December.  I’ve had a glimpse of some of the prizes, and there is some NICE STUFF!!  Additionally, the designers have given multiple free patterns codes which will be given out too.  So, if you were going to be knitting gifts anyway, you might as well join in and possibly win stuff!

*One important thing to note — while each designer had to choose 5-20 patterns for the discount, ALL patterns from participating designers are eligible for the KALs/CALs, and this does include patterns you might already own.

For the stats geeks, there’s a fun breakdown on the GAL here.  Looks like I’m the sole designer representing Utah!

Here are the 12 patterns which I’m offering for the discount period:

GAL Collage

It sometimes feels like it takes me FOREVER to see a design to completion, but looking at this, I feel rather proud of my output in 2015!

In the days ahead I’ll be talking about the GAL more, both giving some “Behind the Scenes” peeks at my own designs, and featuring other patterns and designers that I like.

Thank you for supporting indie designers!

In the Works…

Whoa, I didn’t mean to go an entire month without posting.  Probably a popular refrain of knitting blogs, right?  I’m a little more frequent on Instagram (katinkadesigns), if you’re interested in following me there.

But I’ve been busy!  Virescent Collection patterns are still in the works — look for the Kacia Shawl, knit in Marianated Yarns‘ Scrumptious, towards the end of the month:


And because I rather needed a break from green, I’ll also have a pretty cowl pattern (in Marianated Yarns’ Playtime Worsted, with both short and loop versions) out in the next few weeks:

Katy's Phone 097

I also just cast-off the most ridiculously cute hat for the Virescent Collection, in Intrepid Tulips’ Cashmere/Silk:


There more than that, too, but I’ll save those for another post!

Have you followed the Indie Designer Gift-A-Long in years past on Ravelry?  It begins again next week!  Basically, a huge and impressive list (really, I’ve seen it) of indie designers will be offering a 25% discount off of select patterns (with code giftalong2015) from Thursday, November 19th at 8:00 pm – Friday, November 27, 2015.  Then, the group will host a mega-KAL/CAL, with prizes galore (I’ve seen a lot of them, too).  Even if you’re not into gift-making, it’s still a great chance to pick up patterns!

New Pattern — Leticia Cowl — and a Giveaway!

I released the Leticia Cowl this morning — the next installment in The Virescent Collection!  If you’ve already purchased the collection, look for an email or PM with instructions on getting the update.  Otherwise, this and all my other patterns (including the collection) are 20% off until the end of day on Saturday, 10/17!

IMG_3790 (4)


It’s so much fun to do photo shoots at this stone amphitheater — plenty of shade, and the setting is just perfect for my “green theme”.



The cowl is wonderfully squishy and soft in Malabrigo Chunky, in their iconic “Lettuce” colorway.

To celebrate, I’d like to give two commenters their choice of two patterns from the collection — just leave a note and let me know which ones you’d choose!  I’ll randomly draw two names on Sunday.

Happy Knitting!

Upcoming Pattern!

I’ve been quiet here for two weeks, but there’s been plenty of knitting behind the scenes!

I’ve got a new addition to The Virescent Collection — the Leticia Cowl, made in Malabrigo Chunky.  I hope to have it ready to go by the end of this week.  LOVE the squishability of the yarn:


If you’ve already purchased the full collection, this pattern will automatically be added to your library.  I actually purchased those buttons six or seven years ago, simply for the “Gee, pretty!” factor.  They’re made from a tree branch, and came from the Wooden Treasures shop on Etsy.  I’m so happy to finally put them to use!

I had the chance last weekend to attend a knitting retreat and help a little as a volunteer yarn enabler for Marianated Yarns.  It’s not hard when what you’re pushing is as pretty as this:


Lots of planning and brainstorming underway for future Marianated projects!  It was also fun to see knitters choose colors and yarns for my Emmeline Wrap and Adriatic Stole patterns.  I hope to see some FOs when I come back next year.  How’s this for color inspiration?


Virescent Collection Winner!

My Virescent Collection patterns had a nice reception last week — it was so much fun to watch them be queued and favorited.  I’m excited to see some FOs in the months ahead!


I blocked the sixth design over the weekend, and have been swatching on the seventh.

I had 6 commenters on the last post, and the random number generator chose “5” for me — that’s you, Eileen!  I’ll send you the collection right now — please let me know if they don’t come through — and you’ll receive future patterns as they’re released.  😀

Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone!

The Virescent Collection is LIVE! Discounts and a giveaway…

I can’t believe I began work on these designs in April…as someone not known for her patience, it’s been hard to hold them back over the summer!  But it gave them time to be tested by some lovely knitters, and to be edited and re-edited about three dozen times by me.  And finally, the first five patterns of The Virescent Collection are finally up on Ravelry:


Moving clockwise around the collage, they are:

Leandra Scarf, knit in Traveler Aran from The Plucky Knitter

Lisanne Mitts, knit from Primo Sport from The Plucky Knitter

Linnea Cowl, knit in Playtime Worsted from Marianated Yarns

Shelby Hat, knit in Playtime Worsted from Marianated Yarns

Danica Cowl, knit in Squishy from Anzula

Four more patterns will follow in the upcoming months…a shawlette, bulky scarf, mittens, and lightweight slouch. The full collection (current five patterns plus upcoming four) and individual patterns — plus all my other published patterns! — are 20% off on Ravelry until the end of day on Friday!

As you can tell, the recurring motif throughout all the patterns is the large central cable.  Matchy matchy!  My intention is that knitters can choose from among the offerings for hands, heads, and necks, and then choose suitable bases from their favorite dyers to make up a set, if desired.  Feel free to branch away from green.  🙂

I’d like to give away a copy of the ENTIRE COLLECTION to a reader, both the five current patterns and the four upcoming ones!  Just comment and name your favorite of these designs, as well as give me a way to reach you (Rav name, email, etc.).  I’ll choose a name at random at the end of the week.

On that note, I owe a copy of the Adriatic Stole pattern to TERRI who commented on that post — Terri, could you let me know how I can get that pattern to you?  Thanks!



New Pattern, Discounts, and a Giveaway!

Yay!  After a few months in the works, I was finally able to release my Adriatic Stole on Ravelry this morning.  To celebrate, it and all my other patterns are 20% off (no code needed) until the end of day of Friday, Sept. 11.

IMG_3069 (2)

I’d like to give away a copy of the pattern to two commenters, as well — just let me know which of Marianated Yarns’ gradient colorways you would use to knit it, and be sure to leave me a way to contact you (such as Ravelry name)!  I’ll choose two names at random on Friday night.


Speaking of gradient colorways, this one — Smooth Sailing — is so very lovely.  The yarn, Scrumptious HT (high twist) is one of my faves, too — so pleasant to knit, and it drapes like a dream.

Adriatic1 (2)

If the gradient looks vaguely familiar, it’s because one of the individual shades (Sea of Glass) appeared in my Emmeline Wrap:


Thanks, as always, to my wonderful sis for the great photos!  I’m grateful we didn’t get eaten alive by the giant spiders covering this otherwise picturesque bridge!



I spent about six hours on this Saturday bending the pattern for *these mitts into shape…


Now my brain hurts and I want to take a nap.  The kids will look after themselves, right?  😉

*Lisanne Mitts, coming soon!

Adriatic Detail

My lovely sister takes my pattern photos for me (Hi, E!!!), and she does SUCH a fantastic job.  (So much better than a coerced tween with my iPhone.)  I repay her with fabric and lunches.

I thought this shot of my upcoming Adriatic Stole looked cool, and then I realized…I hadn’t laid out the stole in the direction of the knitting.  (My bad!)


So while the detail shot looks pretty, the “knotted rows” look a little different than they will while someone’s WIP is in their hands.  Luckily, my sister is willing take more pics!  We actually tried to the other night, but then thunder and rain showed up before we’d left our homes.  I know this project has an “aquatic” theme going on, but I didn’t want to be that literal with it…

I hope to release the Adriatic Stole later this week — keep your eyes out for a pattern giveaway!

Another sneak peek…

I’m an incurably impatient person.  For example, if I am given a gift card for a celebratory occasion, I say “thank you” and make a beeline to the computer to spend it.  This amuses my husband, who spends his gift cards the next year.

So needless to say, it’s been challenging to sit on all these patterns over the summer!  But let’s be honest, knitter’s really aren’t thinking of patterns in worsted weight wool during the blazing temps of July.  So, you can imagine my excitement as I’m nearing the release date for what I’m calling “The Virescent Collection, Vol. 1″.

Here’s a cowl to match the hat in the last post: